Green Planet Terpinator

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Intensify the distinctive taste & aroma of fruit & flowers with Terpinator. It’s one of a kind!

Use Terpinator to increases the size and potency of glands that produce terpenes. As a result, plants produce way more terpenes, flavonoids & essential oils.

Expect plants to yield bigger fruit and flowers. Ones that taste nicer and have an intense fragrance that lasts longer – even after drying!

You can use it throughout your cycle, but fruit and flowers really start swelling between week 1 and 5. It hardly affects your EC and has an excellent pH of around 6.

• Enhances size, flavour & fragrance

• Brings out distinctive smell of fruit & flowers (more terpenes)

• Prolongs fragrance of dried fruit & flowers

 Increases essential oil, terpene &  flavonoid production

• Ramps up concentration of terpenes

 Hardly affects EC/CF (nutrient strength)

• Has a great pH of 6 (target range is 5.5 – 6.5)

• Can be used throughout your cycle (best between week 1 & 5)

• NPK: 0 - 0 - 4

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