Systemair Revolution Vector V2 EC Fan (Silenced)

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Systemair Revolution Vector V2 EC Fan (Silenced)

These fans paired with phonictrap ducting and it is virtually silent 

Systemair Revolution Vector V2 (Silenced)

The Systemair fans continue their line with a new version of the Revolution Vector EC fan. This newer version is the ultimate sound absorption fan. The engineers developed a new an novel solution to reduce the noise of airflow. Revolution fans have silent and double balanced-blades, however the powerful aerodynamically optimised blades and guide vanes create fast, high-pressure air flows that can cause isue with noise. This new revolution fans new housing incorporates a sound-reducing foam designed specifically for ventilation systems. This new design has all the advantages of the original model an more.

- New sound-reducing foam

- Does not absorb mositure or dust

- Silent motors an double-balanced blades

- Features a cutting edge frictionless didgital EC motor

- Incredibly light compared to the original model 

- Features a new optimised impeller design that streams air more efficiently, directing it in a perfectly straight line

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