Rhino Black Combi Ducting 202mm 10 meter

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for 200mm (8 inch) fans

Multi-ply aluminium &amp, polyester laminated ducting with a strong steel wire spiralled internal frame. It is very strong and does not tear or rip.

Fire retardant and manufactured to strict European regulations to meet all safety standards.

Combi flexible ducting is manufactured using a P.V.C. Outer coating and aluminium inner layer with a high tensile steel wire helix. Fully flexible and capable of handling high pressures and temperatures of up to 140 degrees Celsius, combi ducting is a great and cost effective choice for the conduction of air.

Combi Ducting is completely airtight and no dust will collect in your ducting as long as you ensure it is fully extended on installation. The combination of aluminium polyester and PVC layers gives extra strength and durability compared to other types of ducting such as foil ducting. Our ducting is also very easy to install, lightweight and packed in compact boxes for easy transportation.

No special tools or cutting implements are required to fit this ducting and in the event of a fire none of the materials used in the production of this ducting will release toxic gases.

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