Revolution Vector EC Fan / Controller / CarboAir / PhonicTrap Kit. 6"/150mm (781m3/Hour)

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EC Fan / Controller / CarboAir / PhonicTrap Kit. 6''/150mm

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This kit contains: 

Revolution Vector EC Fan 152mm/6", EC Fan Controller, CarboAir Carbon Filter 152 x 60 x 660, PhonicTrap Acoustic Ducting 3m x 152mm, 2 x METU Duct Clamps 152mm.

Revolution Vector EC Fan 152mm/6"

The Revolution range is simply a cut above the competition. Free running, double balanced axial impellor with matching guide veins, coupled to the powerful efficient German motors make these fans, more powerful and more efficient than any other fan in this class.

The EC fan, uses state of the art EC technology. More powerful and over 50% more efficient than standard AC fans. No humming or buzzing at low speeds. These fans are the most efficient powerful duct fans of their size. They can be precisely controlled with an EC Controller.

EC Fan Speed Controller

The GAS digital EC fan controller provides the ultimate control over your grow environment.
This controller not only thermostatically controls your intake and exhaust fans, but reacts intelligently to changes in temperature. The Reactive Temperature Technology ‘RTT’ actively monitors and adjusts fan speed. This saves energy and reduces wear on your ventilation system. The EC fan controller can be coupled to a fan balancer to give you the ultimate control over your intake and exhaust fans.

CarboAir Carbon Filter 152 x 60 x 660

With a larger 60mm bed of Carbon this range of filters are for medium to large grow rooms.
We have carefully matched these to our more powerful fans. These filters have almost twice as much carbon in them than standard carbon filters.

PhonicTrap Acoustic Ducting 3m x 152mm.

PhonicTrap™ ultra silent acoustic ducting reduces noise in your ducting system. Growers demanding the best most powerful fans often need to reduce the noise of air moving down ducts. With its non-allergenic insulation it reduces noise without the possibility of contaminating your grow room with glass wool. PhonicTrap™ ducting is simply the best ducting in our industry.
• Ultra efficient, high quality product made in France
• Non-allergenic (no glass wool)
• Noise reduction of the air flow and fan noise

METU Clamps 152mm x 2

The ultimate clamp for connecting your ventilation equipment. High quality clamp made out of strong galvanised steel with polyethylene foam. One bolt fixing ensures quick and trouble free fitting.

The foam will seal up to a 4mm difference in duct sizes. These clamps form strong mechanical joins that mean you can connect CarboAir filters directly to fans, removing the need to use two clamps and a section of ducting.

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