Powerplant 600w Super Veg

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Power Plant Metal Halide Super Veg Retro Bulb 600w

The Powerplant Metal Halide Super Veg Bulbs are designed for the vegative growth phase of plants. During the vegative growth phase plants prefer blue spectrum light, which these bulbs emmit. The benefit of metal-halide lamps is that plants do not stretch as much and instead remain very squat and develop more shoots. Metal halide bulbs are used with the same equipment as your main sodium flowering light, when your plant has reached its flowering stage simply swap over to a HPS bulb. Remember to use the same wattage as your sodium light though. We do not recomment using metal halide bulbs for the flowering stage of plants, at this stage the plant needs red spectrum light which these bulbs do not put out. Powerplant SuperVeg Metal Halide Bulb 600 will fit any reflector with an E40 lamp holder and requires a 600w ballast or powerpack to run.

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