O:Door Cover Door

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O:Door Cover Door

O:door - Cover Door O:door helps to prevent most cultivators' biggest problem; odor control. Until now there hasn’t been a product available on the market that separates areas and prevents odors escaping from your grow room. Created by a hydroponics enthusiast from the UK, and tried and tested by cultivators from LA and Barcelona, you can rest assured that O:door, is odor control approved with a 'prevention is better than cure' philosophy. The method O:door uses is absolutely better than trying a masked approach to controlling your odor. Our team is very excited to share O:door with the world, helping others with a new and exclusive, tried and tested, odor prevention door. O:DOOR FEATURES O:door With Ducting Our most advanced O:door comes with a pre-cut ducting access. O:door is a universal fit to any internal door frame. Ducting Access Designed to provide an air tight seal around the ducting, pull tight with the built in toggles. Ducting Seal The O:door with ducting access comes with a flap at the front to seal the ducting hole closed when not in use. O:door Without Ducting The worlds first odor prevention door. Up in minutes, you can secure O:door to the door frame using the velcro strips provided. Fast, secure and airtight. Industrial Velcro Sealing O:door's industrial strength velcro provides a strong, secure, and completely air tight seal to the door frame. Air Tight Zipper The airtight zipper entrance allows easy access to your grow room. Open and close the door from either side with ease.

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