Mills Nutrients Basis A & B 20 Litre

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Mills Nutrients Basis A & B 20 Litre

Mills are a Dutch company based in Amsterdam who spent many years researching and developing a range of nutrients and additives that are a combination of both organic and synthetic minerals, otherwise known as an Organo Mineral Fertiliser and let’s just say their perseverance has certainly paid off with one of the best ranges to come out of Holland.

Mills Basis A+B nutrients is a two part base nutrient which is used for the entire cycle of your crop, the vegetative cycle and flowering as well. A strong concentrated formula, so a little goes a long way and with lower mixing ratios your money goes further as well. The combination of synthetic and organic minerals provides the best of both worlds, with the synthetic minerals pushing your plants harder for quick dense growth to form with an abundance of flowers everywhere and then the organic minerals help to maintain a more natural finish to the crop, enhancing taste and aroma for a fuller flavour.

Mills Basis A+B nutrients are suitable for all methods of cultivation, hydroponics, coco and soil and also all types of watering methods, DWC, NFT and Flood & Drain.

Mills Basis A Nutrient N.P.K 4-0-1
Mills Basis B Nutrient N.P.K 0-4-3

We always recommend adding any nutrient additives into the water before you top up with Mills Basis A+B nutrient to reach the required EC level.

First shake both bottles extremely well and add the required amount of Mills Basis A into the water and stir, then add the same equal amount of Mills Basis B and stir.

Now you can test the strength of the nutrients with an EC meter to make sure the level is correct.

If you are using a re-circulating hydroponic system we recommend you drain and empty the tank on a weekly basis and refill with a fresh nutrient solution.

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