Maxibright Daylight Euro 315w CDM Grow Hydroponic Full Spectrum Grow Light Kit

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. Whether as secondary lighting or standalone, CDM’s are fast becoming dominant in the world of hydroponic growing. The advantages for growers include, a much-improved spectrum that encourages profuse growth throughout veg, and better bud or fruit development during bloom. Also, less power hungry, CDM lighting only consumes 315-watts making them incredibly efficient in comparison to other grow lamps. Our Daylight Euro Kit has been compiled to offer growers a quality CDM grow light that delivers on all fronts. The lamp is a full spectrum 315w 930 Pro and will perform throughout the entire grow, enhancing both vegetative and flowering phases to help produce a fantastic product that is sure to satisfy. Maxibrights 315w Daylight ballast and new Daylight Euro Reflector complete this kit, optimising the spectrum and providing the pure growing light that plants crave. • Flawless CDM lighting at the heart of your grow • May be used as secondary or standalone grow lighting • Improved spectrum with less power consumption. philips bulb 

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