Mammoth Pro / DARKROOM II DR80 - 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.6m

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Mammoth DARKROOM II Grow Tents are premium products minus the premium price-tag – light-years ahead of the countless low-grade alternatives on the market. They’re an intensively researched, tried-and-tested product, designed to provide you with the features required to create the perfect, enclosed growing environment. The team at Mammoth have thought of everything: there are built-in access points to accommodate equipment for every aspect of your indoor garden. The tent’s framework is constructed using high-strength steel poles that are secured into position using new, specially engineered polypropylene corner segments – now three times stronger than those of other grow tents. It’s also manufactured using heavy-duty fabric. Quality material is crucial to eliminating light leaks and keeping your grow protected. Photosynthesis is the lifeblood of your plants, for this reason, they are very finely attuned to variations in light cycles. Cheap tents with weak spots that cause light-leaks can lead to disastrous results. That’s why you need a grow tent with the prestige of the Mammoth Darkroom II: when the zips are closed, this tent forms a properly sealed unit. Light cannot penetrate through and disturb the ‘lights-off’ period – the inside always stays 100% pitch-black. Conversely, high-intensity indoor lighting can be used comfortably during the ‘lights-on’ period without ever being visible from the outside: light energy produced by your lamp is directed towards your plants, where it’s needed most! This is all made possible with high-quality double stitching, drawstrings for all inlets and premium-grade lightproof zips. 95% of your lamp’s light is directed back towards plants via a layer of reflective hammered-silver mylar lining, covering every inch of the Mammoth DARKROOM II Grow Tent’s sides and ceiling.
Just a short time ago, the team at Mammoth were manufacturing products for the Secret Jardin range. Now they’re storming into the UK market directly, in order to bring you DARKROOM II and DARKSTREET II Grow Tents at a huge discount – the same high-quality at a great new price. Mammoth DARKROOM II – classic DARKROOM tents at a great price All of the necessary features for 100% grow-room control Quick and easy to assemble Ideal for use with a 250w - 400w light Tough fabric lined with 95% reflective mylar Heavy-duty framework secured with specially engineered corner segments High-quality zips for a totally light-proof unit Hanging tubes with 30kg loading capacities for lights, carbon filters, duct fans, etc. Machine washable at 40 degrees for quick and easy cleaning Removable waterproof drip-sheet
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