IWS Pro R-DWC 4 Pot

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IWS Pro R-DWC 4 Pot

IWS Pro R-DWC 4 Pot

This highly effective recirculating system submerges roots in oxygenated nutrient solution, providing constant access to everything the plants need. The results are spectacular.

The nutrient solution continuously circulates between the pots balancing the nutrients and keeping pH and EC uniform across all of the pots. The pH and EC only needs to be tested in the header tank (control unit).

This Pro version of the system drains the nutrient solution back to the reservoir several times per day.

Parts included:

  • Pro Brain (Recirculation pump and Magnetic water level control)
  • Reservoir (includes MJ1000 Fill Pump – Volume related to pot quantity for emptying)
  • 19L Outer Pots
  • Lids (with observation caps)
  • Baskets
  • Pro Pipe (25mm)
  • Pro Fittings (25mm)
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