Flexi tank pro 225ltr/60gal

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Flexi tank pro 225ltr/60gal

The Flexi Tank Pro comes with all the benefits of a regular Flexi Tank, but features a stronger framework that makes it feel more like a solid tank once assembled. Not only that, this model is made with white, reflective material that helps to keep your nutrients within the right temperature ranges. It also features 3 x inlet / outlet grommets for your pipework, so it can be used with pretty much any grow system (including Autopots and IWS Systems). Ultra-strong – without question the sturdiest Flexi Tank you can buy Manufactured with a highly reflective, light-tight outer skin Helps to reduce the temperature of your nutrient solution, maximising oxygen levels Features internal fill-lines that make it easy to guage levels of water or nutrient solution Can be packed away into a small space Much easier and more discreet to transport than regular solid tanks Gets into areas that solid tanks won’t fit, such as through loft hatches, etc. Includes a zippered lid and access points for your pipework Comes with a click-fit tap to make it easy to attach hose or connect to an Autopot system Supplied with a hand spanner for tightening up blanking caps Lined with internal fill lines

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