Ecothrive Eco-Life Supercharged Soil

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Ecothrive Eco-Life Supercharged Soil

Overview Grow without adding nutrients from seed to harvest! Use 100% Organic Eco-Life. It’s pre-loaded with raw, organic multi-nutritional ingredients and is alive with microbes. The microbes unlock the nutrients for plants. No extra nutrients are needed. You don’t need to feed or flush. You’ll get no deficiencies, no lockouts & no burn. Just keep your media moist with a good quality water. 100% organic living soil Perfect for ‘no till’ growing No need to feed or flush - just keep your media moist Ideal airy structure (added Irish peat + perlite) UK made with eco-friendly production No animal by-products Replicates a humus-rich fertile soil (rich in humic & fulvic acids) Media is reusable (must add Ecothrive Life-Cycle Soil Amendment)

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