bud ignitor 1l

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bud ignitor 1l

Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor lets you maximize the flowering sites per stem! Advanced Nutrients has developed Bud Ignitor to give you extreme results when triggering the flowering phase of your plants. It provides your plants specially configured forms of potassium carbonate, potassium phosphate, potassium sulfate and co-factors during the first two weeks of the bloom phase. The extra reserves of potassium and phosphorus provided by Bud Ignitor enhance the production of essential oils and flavoring compounds while your flower buds are swelling and ripening. It also enhances plant growth while also promoting flowering! Use Bud Ignitor in your flower garden to compliment the rest of the Advanced Nutrients line. Use it with any type of hydroponics system, using any hydro, sphagnum, coco coir or soil growing mediums. Bud Ignitor is derived from Monopotassium Phosphate, Potassium Sulphate. Proprietary Formula: Fractionated Kelp Extract Applicate Rate: use 2 mL per Liter during the first 2 weeks of your flowering phase. MORE INFORMATION REVIEWS

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