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These are the feeds favoured by many of the UK's most enthusiastic organic growers! With essential amino acids and 70+ trace elements supporting the traditional core of NPK, BioBizz Bio-Grow and Bio-Bloom Nutrients promise to push your plants to the max so that they achieve excellent growth rates and a top flowering performance. Ultimately though, this enhanced mixture of ingredients means you will get to enjoy high quality fruits defined by a really sweet aroma and taste! 100% certified organic, BioBizz Nutrients work very effectively alongside other products from the same range - e.g. BioBizz All-Mix Soil. Whatever your preference, just remember to only use the feeds in soil systems. The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water): Product Cutting/Seedling Vegetative Stage Flowering Stage BioBizz Bio-Grow 1mls 1-2mls 1-2mls BioBizz Bio-Bloom N/A N/A 2-4mls

BioBizz Bio-Grow is a liquid organic fertilizer with an NPK formulation of 4-3-6 and should be used on plants that require a good dose of Nitrogen, making it an ideal feed for herbs and leafy green plants. Enriched with sugars, 70 trace elements, humic acids, kelp and vitamins B1, B2, C and E, BioBizz Bio-Grow is a complete fertilizer for the vegetative phase of plant growth, normally used as part of the BioBizz Organic Grow Schedule in conjunction with the BioBizz range of organic nutrients and additives. BioBizz Bio-Grow is available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 10 litre bottles. The extra sugars in BioBizz Bio-Grow provide an ideal nutrient medium for bacteria in the soil mixture. Bio-Grow is a fertilizer and soil activator that can also be used with drip irrigation systems. Another use of Bio-Grow is as a plant tonic and to help improve taste when applies late in the flowering phase. If you are considering using BioBizz Bio-Grow as the basis of your organic grow, we suggest you use BioBizz All-Mix as your growing medium. Other organic alternatives on sale here at 3CH are BioBizz Light-Mix, which is less nutrient-rich than All-Mix and therefore makes a better potting soil for cuttings and seedlings, and Plagron Bat Mix, that has added bat guano for that extra natural nutrient ingredient. Other products to consider are the rest of the BioBizz range of nutrients and additives: Bio-Bloom that is used in conjunction with Bio-Grow during the flowering phase, Top Max that stimulates floral growth, Root Juice that promotes healthy root growth and BioBizz Bio-Heaven that boots plant vitality. An alternative product to BioBizz Bio-Grow is BioBizz Fish-Mix, which is also an excellent nutrient for the vegetative stage and an effective soil improver. Fish-Mix is probably more suitable for outdoor growing due to its pungent aroma.

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