Alien 24 Pot RDWC System

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20 litre pots Larger yields with fewer plants Super oxygenated nutrient solution Uniform PH + EC 32mm ppip+fittings No electronics, plug in & grow

How it works

The gentle current passes underneath the 100mm mesh pots delivering vital nutrients to the roots, optimizing root zone health and increasing nutrient uptake efficiency. This method of Deep Water Culture maintains uniform PH and EC levels throughout the entire system. There are no timers to set up, just plug in and grow!

The 20 litre pots are linked together with a row of 32mm pipe and fittings whereas the XL 27 litre pots are linked together with two rows. This allows for a free flowing system, recirculating the nutrient solution seven times an hour. The larger diameter pipe also helps address the issue of the roots blocking the pipe. Air lines are connected to each pot to aerate the solution.

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