60cm Lights & Support Kit for Vitopod 1

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60cm Lights & Support Kit for Vitopod 1

2 X 60cm Sunblaster T5 Nanotech 6400K Lights & Support Kit for Vitopod 1 Heated Propagator

The lights can be switched on and off independently of the propagator. Ideal for bringing on vegetables and flowers in early spring time. We recommend you use the lights to extend the daylight hours to 18 hours for vegetative growth phase until youngplants are ready to plant out. Use the lights from the time the seedlings appear.

The lights are housed in a nanotech enhanced reflector that reflects 99.9% of previously lost light, increases lumen availability by 300% and diffuses light deep into the plant leaves. The lights are low energy and long lasting, typically providing 10,000 hours of light

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