315w Philips MasterColour Daylight CDM Lamp

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315w Philips MasterColour Daylight

315w Philips MasterColour 942 Daylight Ceramic-Discharge Metal Halide Lamp

These state-of-the art lamps generate a greater level of useable plant light (photosynthetically active radiation) and run with a blinding intensity that's immediately apparent to the naked eye. The Philips MasterColour 942 Daylight CDM Lamp has an extra boost in the blue spectrum for incredible growth during veg, we would recommend using it in your plant's vegetative stage alongside the Philips GreenPower 930 Elite Agro CDM Lamp in flowering which has the extra red spectrum which growers know produce the goods.

  • Philips MasterColour 942 Daylight  – full spectrum lamp with extra blue light for veg
  • A blinding intensity that's clearly visable with the naked eye
  • Ideal as both supplementary and standalone lighting
  • Highly efficient - puts out 1.9 micromole (umol) per watt of electricity
  • Extremely high PAR levels


1 x 315w Philips MasterColour 942 Daylight CDM Lamp

How the MasterColour 942 Daylight CDM Lamp Works:

The output colour spectrum of this lamp:

Philips CDM 942 Spectrum Graph

The black line in the graph above represents the "McCree Curve", which gives a relative indication of how efficiently a plant uses the different colours in the light spectrum to photosynthesise with.

For more information about the above graph check out our blog

The perfect partner to the 315w Philips GreenPower 930 Elite Agro CDM Lamp, the Philips MasterColour 942 Daylight CDM Lamp has that extra blue light meaning internodes stay nice and tight, eliminating the issues with stretch that occur when using lighting with narrow, inadequate spectrums. Ceramic-discharge metal halide lamps to produce a light spectrum that's much broader than other forms of HID lighting (like standard metal halides and HPS). Its output is more comparable to the light produced by LEP (light emitting plasma) units. LEPs actually have a slightly broader spectrum than the CDM fixture, but they simply do not compare in terms of brightness.

How to Use the MasterColour 942 Daylight CDM Lamp:

Hold with a clean cloth and screw the lamp into the bulb-holder fitting of your reflector until it will turn no further. It is important that the lamp is screwed very firmly into the holder. Failure to fit the lamp tightly will cause arcing inside the holder between the centre connector and the contact on the lamp. This will melt the solder contact on the lamp and irreparably damage it. Ensure the lamp is completely clean and free of dirt, grease and finger-prints etc. before switching it on.

Warning: When HID lamps are switched on they run extremely hot. As with all high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs it is necessary to avoid touching the lamp with anything such as fingers or plants as this may cause severe burns or fires. In particular avoid sprays or liquids coming into contact with the lamp as this may cause premature failure or even an explosion.

PLEASE NOTE: The 315w CDM lamps need to be bedded in as follows: on first illumination the lamp needs to be run continuously for a minimum of 15 minutes. This will allow the metals within the lamp to fuse correctly.

If the above is not adhered to, lamp warranty claims will be void.

As with all lamps the light output they produce will decrease with use over time. One Stop Grow Shop recommends you replace your lamp regularly to maintain your garden efficiency.

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