Revolution vector 150 ec silenced 6in

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Revolution vector 150 ec silenced 6in

EC fans are much cheaper to run - the slower the speed, the bigger the saving. Why? EC fans use less power at slower speeds, unlike AC fans, which always run at full power. You can expect to save more than 50% on running costs when using with a G.A.S Controller! Crazy Air Flow The body is a single piece that's completely air tight. The motor will move masses of air without losing any pressure. Quiet Sound absorbing foam silences fans without restricting air flow. The foam doesn't absorb dust or moisture, either. No Heat Problems To prevent heat problems, the motor has overheating protection and the body is made from a unique composite material. No Vibrating The impeller is balanced to reduce vibrations. The outer casing has a rubber sealing flange so there are no rattling sounds after installation. Easy Installation Complete with hanging brackets.

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