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“The Next Generation ” is a greatly simplified core nutrient with additives and boosters incorporated into the nutrients themselves. Fewer bottles to buy. More cost effective with even better results. We are aware that some ex-employees of HYDRoToPS stole some out dated formulations and are passing these off as identical to HYDRoToPS products. We assure you they are not. These incomplete formulations date from 1996 but we wish them well all the same. After all immitation is the greatest form of flattery.

During the fourth and fifth weeks of the bloom period, the plants nutritional uptake continues to rise before peaking. During this period, the ratios of nutrient assimilation change rapidly. Bioponic Floral Boost is designed to reflect these changes by increasing the supply of nutrient ions in proportion to your plants greater needs, encouraging profuse setting of flowers and fruit.

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