750w adjust wing hellion

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750w adjust wing hellion

400V Dimmable Digital Ballast To maximise light and get a true spectrum from your lamp, the ballast is 400V! You can run it at 750W, 600W or 450W. Lamps have a PAR rating of 1450 - 1500 at 750W, or 1150 at 600W. Double Ended Lamps Colour rendering is accurate, you can position lamps precisely and you get a really even burn. No More Bright, Hot Spots You can get much closer to plants without burning or stretching them. High PAR Output Lamps have one of the best PAR output we’ve ever seen! To get it so high, the very best Japanese & USA components are used. Tweak Your Light & Heat Intensity There are 3 x wing positions and 5 x lamp heights. Flexible Layout! Hang your lamp, ballast & reflector together. Or to save space, keep your ballast outside your grow room. Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflector! It's 97% reflective, made from TR-V-PVD aluminium with a 40% improved UVA & UVB transmission. 1m X 1.5m Footprint As you raise and lower lights, tweak your wing position to keep your footprint the same.

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